Clever Academy now open for Teachers

By Natasha Husein on

Teachers, welcome to Clever Academy, our very first certification program for Clever educators. Learn more about how Clever Academy can help you get up to speed quickly on how to use Clever to its fullest potential. We know teachers have so many programs, frameworks, lessons and professional development sessions to cram into a few weeks! […]

Welcome to Clever Academy: Orientation

By Natasha Husein on

This summer, a new school is opening. Clever Academy is your way to learn how to use Clever to unlock the full potential of digital learning. For the first time ever, Clever will offer free online courses for admins, teachers, and school tech leads and the opportunity to become certified Clever Champions. The new Clever […]

New school year, new teacher portal

By Natasha Husein on

When teachers head back to school in 2019, they’ll be equipped with a new Clever Portal that will allow them to search more easily, print Badges quickly, and more. Any time Clever can make teachers’ lives easier, we’re all smiles! That’s why we’re extra happy to announce that we’re rolling out a brand new experience […]

Improve the physical fitness of your student

By Yovana Becher on

This article is part of a series that spotlights learning apps available in the Clever Library, a place where teachers can discover and adopt great apps for their classrooms through the Clever portal. Teachers and schools often struggle to keep track of every student’s performance, especially with mandatory national fitness assessments. PhysednHealth is an easy-to-use platform […]