Nearpod’s interactive, engaging lessons now in the Clever Library

By Natasha Husein on

Today we’re excited to announce Nearpod— the newest app to join the Clever library! Engage your students with interactive activities, connect them through collaborative discussions, grow them through differentiated instruction, and gain instant insight into student learning through a variety of multimodal interactions on Nearpod. What is Nearpod? Nearpod is the student engagement platform that […]

First In Math® is practice made perfect.

By Natasha Husein on

Success in Math requires practice. First In Math is a proven math-practice tool that leverages students’ love of online gaming to build math skills and create high levels of engagement. Students choose from more than 200 meaningful math activities they can relate to. Each member of your classroom “Team” can play games that are difficult […]

Find and fix learning gaps with MobyMax

By Natasha Husein on

Adaptive learning. Formative insights. Motivated students. These are not just the hallmarks of the evolved classroom—they are the pillars of the MobyMax experience. MobyMax is a supplemental instructional resource for all core K-8 content areas, including ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Built on the Common Core State Standards, with state-specific alignment coming in August […]

Clever believes in a safer internet

By Catherine Ordeman on

Here at Clever, we know that keeping kids safe is a number one priority – that doesn’t stop when they engage with online tools. When teachers provide students with safe and structured ways to engage with the internet; they encourage them to become responsible digital citizens. In celebration of Safer Internet Day, we’ve compiled a […]

Clever supports #FinAidFeb

By Natasha Husein on

February is Financial Aid Awareness month! This year, Clever will be supporting the #FinAidFeb movement by giving high school students and their teachers direct access to resources for financial aid, college planning, and scholarship assistance via the Clever Portal. We believe in improving outcomes for all scholars and recognize how important financial aid can be […]

Help students understand, retain, and enjoy what they read.

By Natasha Husein on

Actively Learn helps students read for depth by providing content, features, and data designed for deeper learning. Teachers can access a library of thousands of texts and videos for middle and high school ELA, social studies, and science. This includes novels, short stories, high-interest articles, textbook sections, DBQs, primary sources, and more! Our texts and […]

Duolingo joins the Clever App Library

By Natasha Husein on

With over 300 million users, Duolingo is the world’s most popular app for learning foreign languages. And with it’s short, fun, cleverly challenging grammar and vocabulary lessons, it’s easy to see why! Duolingo gamifies foreign language instruction; it turns what was once a long, tedious challenge into a series of short, fun game-like activities. Cute […]

Finding effective lesson hooks

By Natasha Husein on

The first few minutes of class can make or break your lesson, and a hook is key to ensuring that your lesson starts off right. A great hook piques student interest in the topic of your lesson and cultivates their curiosity. However, finding an engaging and relevant lesson hook can be difficult and time-consuming. First, […] partners with Clever

By Natasha Husein on

tYping. Wait, Typing. It’s one of the most important, fundamental skills to succeed in the 21st century. But it’s not a skill people pick up naturally; learning to type takes time and practice! That’s why Clever is excited to announce a new app partnership with makes learning to type easy and fun. Its […]