Start experiencing Clever Portal 2

By Kirstin Miller on

On February 14, 2019 we announced new powerful features in Clever Portal 2. We’re excited to share that everything is ready for you, your students, teachers, and staff to enjoy! Some features are available for students, teachers, and staff already, and they’ll see others as district administrators enable them in their Clever dashboard. We can’t […]

Make SSO your superpower

By Natasha Husein on

Everyone in education is buzzing about single sign-on (SSO). District admins know they need it, and teachers and students want to benefit from quick and easy logins to all of their digital learning resources. However, even though the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) listed SSO as the “most-implemented interoperability initiatives” in 2017, a report one […]

A new age of vocabulary instruction

By Caitlin Annand-Baechtel on

The importance of vocabulary instruction is a well known fact. Ask a teacher. Check with a parent. Reference the decades of research. All sources will agree: vocabulary is a fundamental building block for literacy development and reading comprehension. Indeed, this isn’t news. Since the dawn of public school, students have toiled away with slate and […]

Free resources to fight Summer Slide

By Liz Allen on

Summer is around the corner! Clever is full of former teachers—we know all about the dreaded summer slide, the tendency for students to lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year. We also know that budgets are tight and so is time. We wanted to offer some free resources that you can test out in your classroom and use to engage students and teachers over the summer!

Webinar recording: Clever 101

By Aneri Shah on

We hosted a webinar to go through Clever 101: how to use all the tools in your dashboard. We went through Clever’s main products, how to set up rostering and single-sign on for all your applications, and answered many common district questions. If you’re new to Clever, or just looking to refresh your knowledge, make […]

Your Semester Rollover Guide

By Aneri Shah on

The semester is coming to a close and districts should ensure that they are well-positioned to begin the new school year. To make sure you’re ready, we created this Semester Rollover guide, that ensures you take all the steps you need: Review shared data Add new applications Plan spring pilots We also created this handy […]

Logging into Chromebooks with Clever Badges

By Aneri Shah on

Ever since we announced Clever Badges this spring, our most popular request was the ability to log in directly to Chromebooks using Clever Badges. Watch this video for instructions on how to use Clever Badges with Chromebooks and learn best practices from the experts.

Clever Instant Login support toolkit

By Lauren McCrea on

Calling all learning applications! Clever Instant Login is the easiest way for students, teachers, and admins to log in to applications, with a central single sign on (SSO) to access to all their online learning applications in the same place. The result is less time spent troubleshooting log-ins, and more time instructing and learning. Rolling […]