August 2016 product notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

This month we went for the gold in our product releases, making sure our users have the latest and greatest as we all get ready for Back to School. Read more about the return of our Back to School guide, how applications can now request districts, and lots of updates to the Clever dashboard.

Data quality improvements for Back to School

By Cat Kamireddy on

This year, we’ve been working hard to make improvements on how we process district data, and we’re excited to fully roll out the changes this summer, in time for Back to School. Starting next week, we’re rolling out updates to apply to every sync from a Clever district. Even better, there is no action required from districts or applications to support these changes, so you’ll get more consistent data without the work.

July product notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

This month we focused on improvements that will make it easier to triage any issues that may come up during the busy Back to School season, including Instant Login debugging tools, viewing SIS details and recommended sharing settings for districts.

June product notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

The school year may be ending but we still have a lot going on at Clever! Read up on what we’ve been working on for the past month, including Clever Co-Pilot, a customizable Clever portal, more news about Clever Badges, and a self-release for district data holds.

Four myths about introducing computer science in the classroom

By Aneri Shah on

Schools around the country want to prepare their students with the skills they’ll need to be successful. And in today’s technology-driven world, Computer Science skills are increasingly being recognized as essential like math and reading skills. Led by President Obama’s call for “Computer Science For All”, educators have begun searching for ways to incorporate Computer […]

Back to School with Clever

By Cat Kamireddy on

It may seem early to start talking about Back to School, but at Clever, it’s something we think about year-round. We did our homework on what it takes for a great Back to School with Clever, and last week, we released a Back to School Guide for districts.

Why we built Clever Badges

By Tyler Bosmeny on

Have you ever witnessed a room full of 1st-graders trying to type in their passwords? Imagine 60 tiny hands lowering even tinier fingers, mashing keys…one…at…a…time. It might be cute to most of us, but for millions of teachers this process is a daily frustration that eats up precious learning time.

We’ve spent the last year talking with K-2 teachers to better understand this problem. Today, I’m proud to announce our answer: Clever Badges.

March product notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

In March, we worked on an updated application gallery and added more metrics, such as new Sync Reports. We also built more data quality improvements for districts and applications. Take a look!