Updates to the Developer Experience

By Cat Kamireddy on

Clever aims to deliver an amazing developer experience for our partners building off the Clever API. In the last few months we have rolled out our single sign-on solution, Instant Login; we have also focused on making it an incredibly simple experience for developers. There are few recent or upcoming changes that we want to share.

Forget passwords: Introducing Instant Login

By Cat Kamireddy on

In a previous blog post, we explored the pain of passwords in the classroom (just imagine getting a room full of second graders logged in to a website). Teachers lose countless hours to login problems, with 25% of online learning time lost. Today we’re excited to share a new solution to the password problem: Instant Login.

Enhanced security with token-based authentication

By Cat Kamireddy on

From day one, Clever has been built to be the most simple and most secure data integration solution for schools. To improve on that promise, we are changing the way our partner applications authenticate with the Clever API.

EdTech applications currently access Clever’s API using an API key specific to the application. While this single-key approach is an industry standard, we realized we can improve on it.

Get “Clever” with more Apps

By Julie Arsenault on

Our latest Clever update makes it easier than ever to get started with new online learning tools! Just log into your Clever account and click the “Add an App” icon on your dashboard. Viola! If you have valid licenses for the app, your students will show up in all of the right classes as soon as the app developer approves the request.