XtraMath is now available in the Clever Library

By Natasha Husein on

Clever is excited to announce a partnership with XtraMath, the online application that helps students improve their fluency with basic addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Traditionally this has been taught with worksheets that require substantial time for preparation and grading, and still leave many students behind. Many of the computer-based programs disappoint teachers due to […]

Fun, Engaging, Collaborative Challenges with Classtime

By Natasha Husein on

Classtime— new in the Clever Library— is a digital teacher’s assistant with lessons and materials designed to motivate and engage students. As a web-based platform Classtime works on any device, and its real-time feedback lets teachers monitor participation and progress of each individual student. Classtime has a large collection of fun collaborative challenges. Each challenge […]

Address intervention needs with digital resources

By Natasha Husein on

As a teacher, you’ve seen the difference a successful intervention plan can make. You know that interventions can be an important part of primary education. But you also know that designing custom lessons often requires two of your most valuable resources: time and money. The Clever Library helps you save both with free apps that […]

Engaging enrichment apps in the Clever Library

By Natasha Husein on

Students love enrichment activities. In fact, teachers do, too! They give much needed breaks from more rigorous lessons and provide opportunities for students to really engage and stretch their creative minds. But planning enrichment activities takes time- time that can’t be taken away from planning and teaching core curriculum. The Clever Library solves this challenge […]

Are you ready for summer school?

By Courtney Minson on

Doesn’t it feel like there’s never enough time between the end of the school year and the start of summer school? Fear not—you can get your district all set up for summer school on Clever by following three steps.   First, check your sync pause date Your student information system (SIS) data changes from the […]

May product release notes

By Natasha Husein on

Check out the new features we released in the past month. Announcing the NEW Clever Guide Year-end Guide Teachers can now nickname sections Teacher Community Bulk Badge generation for ELL or special needs students Custom Sections improvements Online workshop: How to set up Clever SSO like a pro