April product release notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

This month, district user roles are now available to all districts, and we have integration and documentation updates for applications. We also continue to bring some extra polish to the district dashboard.

How to pilot Clever Badges

By Brandon Cepress on

We’ve simplified the Clever Badge distribution process to give you more control over piloting this new tool for your youngest learners! Clever Badges make it even easier for your students to access their learning applications through Clever so that your teachers can spend more time instructing and less time troubleshooting username and password errors. Rather […]

March product release notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

Learn about our releases this month! We have two big updates—district user roles (in beta) and a new way for apps to set their licenses for districts. And we got a little extra polish in for the district dashboard, too.

Announcing the Clever Community

By Claire Currie on

We’re proud to announce a new platform for district leaders and application partners to share their successes and challenges with others like them. Many of the districts and applications we work with express to us that they wish there was a way to connect with other Clever users, find answers to questions more easily, and […]

December product release notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

As school sessions wrap up for this semester, we have a few updates for our users to check out during break—including our new universal SSO release, the Clever community, and district profiles for applications.

November product release notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

We worked on some polish this month, making it easier for districts to search for new apps, as well as view details on their current ones, and applications can now review past invites they’ve sent to districts to connect via Clever.