How we manage our Terms of Service update

By Liz Allen on

Clever just published a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service update on our website and Github. Posting to Github is one of the many ways we share our knowledge and open source our work because it makes it easy to see changes.   Updating the terms of service is rigorous work. Here at Clever, we […]

Five tips for app developers to comply with new student data privacy laws

By Liz Allen on

As session wraps up in many state legislatures, new student data privacy bills have become law. For those of us in the education technology space, protecting student data is a mandate we take seriously. Here are five tips to help application developers get privacy right early-on. Implementing this list won’t ensure a software application is in compliance with the various state laws, but it’s a great place to start.

Clever’s commitment to protecting student data

By Tyler Bosmeny on

When I talk to new teachers, many want to know how Clever thinks about protecting student data. This is an issue close to our hearts, and so I’d like to use this opportunity to share some details about our approach to student data privacy. Here are a few things you should know…

Clever Badges move student privacy and security in the right direction

By Brett van Zuiden on

As an education technology company, our priority is to build products that allow teachers and students to be their best. We’re humbled to do work that can impact the lives of millions of people. But with that gift comes great responsibility, which is why we’re committed to the protection of student data and privacy.

This issue became especially important when we started working on Clever Badges, our new product that makes it easier for K-2 students to login and access all of their learning applications.