The Serverless School

By Dan Carroll on

Three years ago, I sat in a cramped data closet, sweating profusely and cursing at my servers. The combination of a heat wave and a power outage had turned one of my server closets into a sauna, frying the server hard drives inside. As the machines began restoring from backups and my teachers scrambled to remove technology from their lesson plans, I began to dream of a serverless school.

Losing Class Time to Logins

By Cat Kamireddy on

How many times do you reset a password each week? Anyone reading this post knows what a hassle it is to manage passwords for dozens of accounts. Teachers and students share the same pain, with dire consequences. If you’ve been a teacher, you know what it’s like to have those three students with their hands in the air, unable to log in, just as you’re finally ready to get kids started on the computers.

Three Questions for Tech Directors

By Dan Carroll on

Just a few years ago, I was a tech director trying to define my role and approach to education technology. Now, I get to work with and learn from incredible tech directors every day.

The more I learn, the more I realize how often I focused on the wrong things as a tech director. Here are the questions I wish I had been focusing on.