A new age of vocabulary instruction

By Caitlin Annand-Baechtel on

The importance of vocabulary instruction is a well known fact. Ask a teacher. Check with a parent. Reference the decades of research. All sources will agree: vocabulary is a fundamental building block for literacy development and reading comprehension. Indeed, this isn’t news. Since the dawn of public school, students have toiled away with slate and […]

How simplifying data can drive student achievement

By Caitlin Annand-Baechtel on

With the rise of educational technology and adaptive online curriculum, personalized learning is now a reality in schools nationwide. According to a study released by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 93% of teachers in the U.S. use at least one online learning tool to guide instruction and drive student achievement. This near ubiquity of […]

For schools, the value of intelligent integration is all around us

By Kevin Acocella on

With the universe of high-quality, effective K-12 learning applications as wide as it’s ever been, schools are adding new apps at a rapid rate. But for all of the benefits these resources have in the classroom, they’re not particularly interoperable, so stitching it all together into a manageable system is presenting some challenges for schools. To get a sense of the issue, let’s consider a holiday tale about me and Mark Zuckerberg.

What makes a great sync?

By Jenna James on

On our Student Information System (SIS) Partnerships team, we often think about what makes a great sync—is it quick and easy setup? Is it a sync that sends all student contact data? Does it matter if it syncs once or twice a day? These are important questions that we think about and want to be able […]

What we’re reading: July 2016

By Aneri Shah on

Stay up to date with the latest edtech highlights during your summer vacation.  The Secret Sauce of Digital Learning Success A new report studies what worked and didn’t for five districts’ digital learning strategies. How to Manage the Four Types of Teachers You Meet in Professional Development Here’s how to make sure your PD training caters […]

Four myths about introducing computer science in the classroom

By Aneri Shah on

Schools around the country want to prepare their students with the skills they’ll need to be successful. And in today’s technology-driven world, Computer Science skills are increasingly being recognized as essential like math and reading skills. Led by President Obama’s call for “Computer Science For All”, educators have begun searching for ways to incorporate Computer […]