Clever believes in a safer internet

By Catherine Ordeman on

Here at Clever, we know that keeping kids safe is a number one priority – that doesn’t stop when they engage with online tools. When teachers provide students with safe and structured ways to engage with the internet; they encourage them to become responsible digital citizens. In celebration of Safer Internet Day, we’ve compiled a […]

Summer webinar series

By Natasha Husein on

Even though the kids are out of school, we know that summer is a busy time in the district office! A large portion of the work you do during the school year is set up behind-the-scenes over summer break. With that in mind, we’re excited to offer a series of webinars this summer that will […]

Back to School webinars for districts

By Aneri Shah on

Hello, districts! We know you are gearing up for a busy Back to School and we at Clever want to do what we can to make this an easy and seamless process for you. We’ve put together a series of webinars to help you get more familiar with Clever, learn about new products, and ask […]

Clever takes the prize in CETPA’s Single Sign-on Shootout

By Kevin Acocella on

For Alexander Hamilton, it was the duel on the bank of the Hudson river. For Wyatt Earp, it was the OK Corral. And for the Chicago Cubs, it was a rainy November night in Cleveland. “Shootouts” aren’t just an old west thing. The term can apply to really any head-to-head competition in which the contestants have one chance to outdo each other.

Webinar: Making open standards work for for everyone in education

By Lauren McCrea on

Innovative districts are increasingly exploring ways to embrace interoperability standards. But for many learning applications, this shift toward open standards comes with complexities and has led to major challenges in implementation and data management. What does that mean for your own unique business needs? How do successful learning applications go about standardizing—and improving—data management processes […]

Back to School with Clever webinar: Eight takeaways

By Lauren McCrea on

With Back to School upon us, we rounded up the experts to discuss the best way to deliver speedy and smooth deployments for districts and schools this Fall. Patrick Scianna from Edmentum and Rebecca Foster from MasteryConnect joined Clever’s own Eleanor Dorfman for our recent webinar, and left us with some key insights to help us prepare. […]