Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion report 2017

By Spencer Caton on

This post is the continuation of a series focused on diversity and inclusion. View all posts in the series. In August of 2015, Clever published its first blog post on diversity and inclusion. In it, we released our demographic statistics, and the reasons we thought measuring and sharing that data is so important. Since then, […]

Women in leadership at Clever

By Nic Woodyard on

Clever’s leadership team, comprised of all people who manage other Clever employees, is balanced at 50% men and 50% women. This wasn’t a goal we set out to reach this year, nor was it something we focused on specifically. However, looking back, in pursuing the goal of making Clever a more inclusive and supportive place for all employees, we placed the building blocks necessary to allow more women at Clever to step into and succeed in leadership roles.

Diversity and inclusion report 2016

By Nic Woodyard on

Over the past year, Clever has been working to move closer to our goal of creating and nurturing a truly diverse and inclusive company. As we said last year: “We know a lack of diversity is not a problem that can be solved, but rather a mission for equity that requires constant vigilance.”

Since we embarked on our mission, we invested time in understanding where we stand and where we can improve. Then we published this data in a series of blog posts focusing on our current numbers, survey pedagogy, and ways we’re working to move the needle on equity in our corner of the world.

Taking on homelessness with SF’s Episcopal Community Services

By Ashley Redding on

As a tech company located in San Francisco, we are part of an industry that is shifting the economic and social landscape of our city. At Clever, we’re committed to ensuring that our presence contributes positively to our local community. So when we moved into our new office in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood a year ago, we began searching for local organizations that would help us give back to the community we were joining.

The 10 commandments for designing a company demographic survey

By Jonah Kagan on

Last fall, the Clever Diversity and Inclusion Committee decided that we wanted to start measuring the demographic makeup of our team. Tracking this information would help us become more data-driven in our efforts to improve diversity at Clever, and publishing our statistics would help contribute to the industry-wide conversation about diversity. In this post, we’ll share some lessons we learned in the process.

Diversity and inclusion report 2015

By Jonah Kagan on

As an education technology company, Clever sits at the intersection of two worlds—the world of schools and the world of silicon. Both the education system and the tech industry have long struggled to serve diverse groups and create inclusive environments. There’s an old adage in the tech industry: You make what you measure. So when we think about improving diversity and inclusion at Clever, the first step in the process is to measure the makeup of our team.