A new commitment to diversity and inclusion from Kapor Capital

By Kevin Acocella on

As I type ‘Silicon Valley diversity…’ into a Google search bar, guess which word the search engine suggests next? ‘Problem.’ But what about diversity solutions? That word doesn’t come up as a suggestion at all – and comes up less than it should offline as well. That’s why Clever is so proud to announce our support – and commitment – to a great step in the right direction.

Love Clever? Let someone know

By Kevin Acocella on

One of my favorite things about working at Clever is talking to so many school districts and applications who share the same passion all of us have here — to easily and securely get great learning software in classrooms. It’s a mission we’re proud to share with schools and educators who helped get us so far, and we know one of the things that will keep that movement going is an expanding network of passionate users.

Letter from the editor

By Kevin Acocella on

In such busy days, it’s tough to find the time to keep up with all that’s happening in the world of educational technology. And there is certainly a lot going on—Clever itself is growing quickly too. So we want to make it easier for you to keep up.

44,000 reasons to celebrate

By Tyler Bosmeny on

Ask anyone in education and they’ll tell you: Back to School isn’t just a day, it’s an accomplishment! Administrators and teachers across America spend months fretting details for the big moment – when students come flooding back into the hallways. At Clever, we feel the energy of Back to School too. Teachers need accounts, students need logins – we know having everything ready to go is a big part of any successful first day.

Hello, World!

By Dan Carroll on

One year ago, if you had visited STRIVE Prep, you would have found me in my first-floor office, seething. My eyes were glued to my computer screen, and 1-800 number support muzak was ringing in my ears. I was on hold, waiting to learn why one of my student’s records was not updated correctly in our online assessment software. Seemingly small errors like this one frustrated my teachers – an out-of-date record meant a student couldn’t log in, couldn’t be assessed, and couldn’t learn that day.