How feedback from customers helps us build a better Clever

By Drew Patterson on

At Clever, we have six culture tenets that serve as guideposts and remind us of our core values. One of those culture tenets is “Clever is a group project.” On a day-to-day basis, this idea applies mostly to cross-team collaboration: an engineer jumping into a conversation with a district to help with a particularly technical […]

How Clever’s support team does the extra credit

By Aneri Shah on

Clever’s support team assists customers throughout every phase of Clever: setting up, customizing, and troubleshooting issues to make sure Clever meets the unique needs of every school and app. We’re here to educate users on technical best practices and provide resources to help everyone get the most out of the product. We know that millions […]

On Clever’s 5th birthday, we celebrate you

By Tyler Bosmeny on

When Dan, Rafael, and I founded Clever 5 years ago, we never imagined that one day we’d help students access software before they learned to type.  Or that we’d partner with the White House to give millions of Title I students access to free books. And we definitely never imagined that one day, over half […]

The purchasing process for learning apps is broken—let’s fix it

By Dan Carroll on

While the goal of education technology is to improve the classroom experience, in so many cases, software is purchased without ever being tested in the classroom. Teachers are frustrated as technology is ‘pushed’ onto them. The result: teachers and students don’t use what was bought and the dollars wind up wasted. Today, Clever announced a better way.

Clever is open—and now with OneRoster

By Ben Adida on

As powerful as the Clever solution is, we know that district needs are complex and varied. Districts today export CSV files from their Student Information System (SIS) for Clever-based smart data integration as well as for a number of other purposes. And we’ve heard from some districts that they’d like to standardize on OneRoster as their single CSV export, whether it’s for Clever or otherwise. Since we’re always looking to make districts’ lives easier, we’re doing the obvious thing.

Clever is hiring!

By Nic Woodyard on

Ever wondered what it would be like to interview at Clever? We know interviewing can be time-consuming and pretty scary. We’ve tried to think of potential pain points before a candidate walks in our front door, so we can get right down to building a relationship.

What a difference a year makes—celebrating 50k schools!

By Kevin Acocella on

A year ago, Clever was a 40-person team working with 31,000 K-12 schools. There were about 100 learning apps on the Clever platform then. Fast-forward to today, and Clever is 100-people strong! Now we’re helping 50,000 schools (more than a third of the K-12 schools in the country) connect with more than 200 of the best learning apps around.