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For schools, the value of intelligent integration is all around us

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With the universe of high-quality, effective K-12 learning applications as wide as it’s ever been, schools are adding new apps at a rapid rate. But for all of the benefits these resources have in the classroom, they’re not particularly interoperable, so stitching it all together into a manageable system is presenting some challenges for schools. To get a sense of the issue, let’s consider a holiday tale about me and Mark Zuckerberg.

Clever takes the prize in CETPA’s Single Sign-on Shootout

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For Alexander Hamilton, it was the duel on the bank of the Hudson river. For Wyatt Earp, it was the OK Corral. And for the Chicago Cubs, it was a rainy November night in Cleveland. “Shootouts” aren’t just an old west thing. The term can apply to really any head-to-head competition in which the contestants have one chance to outdo each other.

What a difference a year makes—celebrating 50k schools!

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A year ago, Clever was a 40-person team working with 31,000 K-12 schools. There were about 100 learning apps on the Clever platform then. Fast-forward to today, and Clever is 100-people strong! Now we’re helping 50,000 schools (more than a third of the K-12 schools in the country) connect with more than 200 of the best learning apps around.

A new commitment to diversity and inclusion from Kapor Capital

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As I type ‘Silicon Valley diversity…’ into a Google search bar, guess which word the search engine suggests next? ‘Problem.’ But what about diversity solutions? That word doesn’t come up as a suggestion at all – and comes up less than it should offline as well. That’s why Clever is so proud to announce our support – and commitment – to a great step in the right direction.