Cat Kamireddy

March 2017 product release notes

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Learn about our releases this month! We have two big updates—district user roles (in beta) and a new way for apps to set their licenses for districts. And we got a little extra polish in for the district dashboard, too.

Universal SSO and our security approach

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At Clever, it’s important we always use a “privacy by design” approach when releasing new features. In other words, we want to design our products with privacy in mind from day one—and on equal footing with core considerations like usability.

November 2016 product release notes

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We worked on some polish this month, making it easier for districts to search for new apps, as well as view details on their current ones, and applications can now review past invites they’ve sent to districts to connect via Clever.

Exciting updates for Clever Badges

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Since we launched Clever Badges in April, we’ve been so excited and humbled by the reaction from the edtech industry. We built Clever Badges to give teachers a better way manage logins for their youngest students, and I’m excited to report that Clever Badges are now used in more than 4,500 schools across the country and counting. And just this week we had two more exciting milestones.