Rostering reduces 80% of login issues for this Canadian school

June 08, 2023

Egbert Cheng • Sr. Product Marketing Manager

2 min read

By standardizing account creation with Clever rostering, this independent school in Alberta, Canada benefits from more secure login with less resources needed.

River Valley School worked to build tech equity and security

Small, private, and independent schools often face challenges when it comes to managing edtech with limited IT support. River Valley School, an independent school with 273 students in Alberta, Canada, found a solution by turning to Clever, a K-12 edtech platform that securely connects the data and applications that schools rely on to make digital learning work better, for everyone.

The challenge: Manually rostering CSV files and sending to all application vendors

One of the main challenges faced by the IT department at many single or independent schools was manually rostering CSV files and sending them to all application vendors. Teachers often were not following the proper protocol for creating student accounts, and students had too many logins to remember for each digital resource, disrupting classroom time and reduced instruction time students desperately needed.

River Valley’s IT Director, Geoff Jones, thought it was fundamental to end the unsafe practices of edtech use in his school. Geoff implemented Clever because it was a free solution that is built for all K-12 school sizes.

Solution: Clever’s free automated rostering solution saves time and boosts security

With Clever’s rostering solution (learn more), manual account provisioning processes and insecure CSV file exchanges were replaced with automatic updates, less teacher time wasted on setup, and increased security. Geoff could set standardized sharing rules to ensure the least amount of data was shared with approved applications (i.e. Seesaw, Mathletics, Book Creator, Tinker) and stop sharing with a click of a button.

By integrating with Clever, River Valley School was able to automate rostering with Clever’s free tools, allowing its IT Director, Geoff Jones, to focus on other tasks while having full control of what data he chose to share. And for teachers at River Valley School, they moved from passwords on sticky notes to single sign-on and QR-codes (Clever Badges), ensuring the safety of their students’ data.

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