Admins: 5 Tools to support a simple and secure Back to School 2022

July 27, 2022

Alyssa Cubello • Product Marketing Manager

2 min read

Wrangle your growing educational technology stack this Back to School with Clever’s simple and secure platform. Together, we can help you be ready for the first day, and every day. 

With 80% of teachers using more technology than ever before, administrators are tasked with a new challenge: supporting the most tech-savvy group of teachers and students in history. On top of that, cybersecurity threats are growing—with almost one attack per day on US K-12 school districts since 2016. With more tech-savvy educators and digital programs in every classroom, simplicity and security are critical foundations for digital learning experiences. 

Here at Clever, we believe Back to School can be simpler and more secure. We envision a classroom where teachers and students experience the magic of technology working with one click, while administrators rest easy down the hall knowing security is built in at every step. 

That’s why we’re delivering new products, faster integrations, and the most intuitive interface to make district edtech more secure, sustainable and flexible for everyone using it. 

Resources: Admin guides to set up for Back to School 

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