Pride 2022: Celebrating progress and supporting LGBTQIA+ in schools

June 01, 2022

Blair Mishleau • Customer Education Manager & LGBTQAI+ ERG Lead

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From Pride celebrations to sponsorships for inclusive school initiatives like GLSEN, we’re taking steps inside and outside of Clever to support the LGBTQIA+ community this year. 

As Pride celebrations take place, anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation is also sweeping across the country, putting students’ safety at risk. So this year for Pride, Clever is not only celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, our employees’ identities and their unique stories, but also addressing the challenges we continue to face as an education community to ensure safety for all. 

Five years ago I couldn’t imagine being out in front of my friends and family, let alone my coworkers. However, today at Clever I feel empowered to bring my full self to work just like the rest of my colleagues. By doing so, we are able to build diverse teams and products that reflect our diverse customer base.

Brodie Olson, LGBTQIA+ ERG member, Marketing Team

So what does Pride at Clever look like? This year, our company is raising funds to support students across the country, our LGBTQIA+ Employee Resource Group (ERG) is planning lots of informative fun, and we’re sharing unique stories from Cleverites.  

How we’re supporting the LGBTQIA+ community

Here at Clever, we believe that the classrooms we serve and our company’s halls should be spaces that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. This year, we’re taking action to support our school communities. 

At this year’s Consortium for School Networking Conference in April, we hosted a session centered on the rights of LGBTQIA+ education technology leaders working in schools and education organizations: Where Are We in the Struggle for Equality for LGBTQIA+ District Leaders

Cleverites at CoSN 2022

Additionally, we’re very proud to raise and donate funds to GLSEN, an incredible organization supporting students and school employees in creating safe, inclusive schools around the country. 

This sponsorship stems from GLSEN and Clever’s shared mission around equity for students, and the time of crisis many LGBTQIA+ youth are facing, amidst oppressive legislation against trans youth and restrictions on discussing the existence of LGBTQIA+ people in schools. 

At Clever, we go to work every day to ensure every student in America has equitable access to all of the tools and content they need to thrive. We know that far too many LGBTQIA+ students don’t have the safety and support they deserve, so we’ve partnered with GLSEN to support their critical work in creating safety for all students inside of schools.

Dan Carroll, co-founder and CPO

How we celebrate Pride month at Clever

Honoring and acknowledging LGTBQAI+ Pride month is one facet of what it means to ensure we’re living up to our aspirations around creating a culture that is aligned to our DE&I mission and recognizes intersectionality.

Throughout June, the LGBTQIA+ ERG is offering many exciting initiatives for Clever team members. From drag queen queer trivia bingo and movie nights, to learning about anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation and local non-profits, we look forward to giving Cleverities opportunities to engage with the history, progress, and unique stories around the LGBTQIA+ experience. 

One of my favorite PRIDE memories was when I got to perform as the Rainbow Fish for a children’s musical about the iconic children’s book that opened during Pride month. After my performance, a little kid said he wanted to be just like me. I was very humbled by the opportunity to be a role model to kids, especially because I didn’t have these types of role models growing up.

Neal Pascua, LGBTQIA+ ERG Member, People Operations Team

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