Edtech procurement: Resources for making high-impact decisions

March 25, 2022

Erin Browner • Content Marketing Manager

2 min read

How are school districts approaching edtech purchasing? A survey of Clever users says that more educators want a seat at the curriculum decision-making table. So we asked education leaders to share their strategies to achieve just that.

We asked education leaders to share resources that help K12 schools develop high-impact strategies for edtech procurement, while also building privacy, equity, and teacher satisfaction.

Watch: Virtual summit – Developing high-impact edtech procurement strategies.

During the session, a panel of district leaders discuss strategies to make impactful decisions around edtech, including:

  1. Using data to evaluate what’s being used, or left unused
  2. Inviting teacher input to your procurement cycle
  3. Training teachers around choosing safe tools, and how to use district-selected edtech
  4. Building equity & inclusion into tech infrastructure and curriculum

You can find a collection of resources to support this work below.

Evaluating edtech usage

“One tool we were spending $20k/year on. We found we had FOUR PEOPLE USING IT (yes I’m yelling – LOL). Let’s say, we made some changes that day.” – Webinar panelist

Supporting teacher selection & student data privacy

“LAUSD uses an app center for teachers to download approved applications.” – Webinar attendee

  • Clever Library: Educators can discover, try, and review learning applications—all from within the SSO portal they use every day. And strong privacy controls in Clever Library help districts safeguard data.
  • The Future of Privacy Forum 
  • Project Unicorn – Better Edtech Buying for Educators 
  • Common Sense Professional Development – Develop effective strategies for teaching with tech and supporting students in their digital lives.
  • Common Sense Digital Citizenship Toolkits – Use digital citizenship toolkits to explore specific topics and help students develop the skills they need to become curious learners, critical thinkers, and engaged citizens.

“Just being one year out of the classroom, I never knew much about data privacy until I worked on the district level. We need transparency for teachers! I never knew all of this.”

– Webinar attendee

Selecting equitable curriculum

Building an infrastructure that’s equitable 

“We sent out family surveys, gathered information at registration, and worked with our local ISP to help families with connectivity.” – Webinar attendee

When putting together your edtech strategies and implementation plans for 2022, consider these 5 trends. Click to see the full report and share with your leadership team.

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