Adobe Spark’s creative education tools now accessible in Clever

April 21, 2021

Chad Meirose • Product Marketing Manager, Teachers

2 min read

Today we are excited to announce that Adobe Spark is now accessible through the Clever Portal.

Giving students easy access to Adobe Spark will allow them the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity right from the Clever Portal. As most students are starting their days with Clever, it gives creativity a place in their learning.

Trish Sparks, VP of Customer Success at Clever

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is an online app that students can use to build creative storytelling skills in any class. With Adobe Spark, teachers and students are empowered to create and share visual stories effortlessly. Spark makes it easy to foster powerful creative learning experiences for students in any class.

Classroom creativity at your fingertips

Students can create stunning graphics, attention-grabbing web pages, and captivating  videos easily with Adobe Spark. Easy to use templates, filters, graphics, and animations allow students to create visually stunning material all the while developing their digital storytelling skills, a crucial 21st century skill. Students have used Adobe Spark to make science fair posters, field trip journals, and even turn book reports into engaging video presentations.

How to access Adobe Spark in Clever

To access Adobe Spark, simply log into your Clever Portal. If your district has enabled access, you’ll see the Adobe Spark icon in your portal. Have students click the icon in their portals for instant log-in to Adobe Spark!

For directions on how to add Adobe Spark Single Sign-On to your Clever district portal, click here, or watch this short video.

Teachers can access Adobe Spark safely and securely with Clever SSO (single sign-on). Learn more about the Adobe Spark and Clever partnership.