3.3 million students share notes of gratitude with their teachers

November 24, 2020

Anne Murguia • VP of Marketing

2 min read

Clever is in the mood for gratitude, and students across the country share the feeling. 

With so many classes meeting virtually this year, teachers have frequently told us how much they miss being in the classroom with their students. Those silly, fun, or meaningful moments that happen spontaneously often create a deeper sense of community, and they just don’t happen as much online. 

To help out during the Thanksgiving season, our team put a small prompt in Clever Portal where students log in to their learning applications: What are you thankful for? Tell your teacher!

Now as we approach Thanksgiving, 3.3 million students have submitted a response, and 1.1 million teachers have received at least one thankful note. About one in three K-12 teachers in the U.S. have received a Clever thankful post from a student!

From what teachers have told us, their students are very grateful for all that their teachers do for them, along with their families and beloved pets. It’s wonderful to see student posts sparking joy for their teachers…

Words cannot express the humbled delight and surprise I felt when I happened to open my Clever homepage today and found these thankful messages from my students. I have been quarantined for the past week along with 2/3 of my students in an outbreak of Covid in our community. Without any prompting, my students, both in my class and quarantined at home, took it upon themselves to write some of the most touching and honest messages. What an absolutely unexpected, amazing gift you have given to us teachers.

Laura Mark, 7th Grade Teacher from Lafayette, IN

For privacy reasons, we can’t share individual student responses to the prompt. But through the magic of data aggregation, we are able to create a word cloud of student responses.

At Clever, we’re especially grateful this year for the opportunity to serve students, educators, and learning companies. At such a difficult time, we’re constantly inspired by your perseverance, creativity, and deep commitment to education. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Clever. 

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