Combating systemic racism today, and every day

June 03, 2020

Tyler Bosmeny • Co-founder & CEO

2 min read

A letter from Clever’s CEO on justice, fairness, and racial equality.

My heart goes to all of the young students across America who are watching events today unfold, who see a nation that has not lived up to its promise of equality, who are already familiar with too many names in the litany of violence and brutal treatment of Black people in our country. 

Racism continues to be the root of so much pain and ugliness in our society – from unjustified police violence to the disparate impact of COVID-19, to the inequities in our educational system. 

I want to make clear that Clever stands with Black communities, and we will always stand for justice, fairness, and racial equality. We stand beside education leaders who not only support students through this moment in history but continuously strive for an equitable education system for all.

At Clever, we believe our work supports educational equity, a powerful way to create equal opportunity in our society. But we recognize that overcoming institutional oppression demands much more. For us, that means acting more broadly for justice now and sustaining that action for as long as it takes.

Starting today, Clever is matching employee donations to organizations committed fighting against racism up to $20,000. Internally, we’re providing space and flexibility for our employees to process, take action, and support each other. Our ultimate goal is to harness the unique capabilities of Clever and our educational network to help create lasting change.

We don’t know exactly what the path forward is, but we will find it. Our commitment to real change will be sustained.

Every child deserves and must have a brighter future untainted by racism. Every child deserves not only to live without fear but to be celebrated for their unique perspective and gifts.  This is a change we can make, not for future generations, but now.