This week we celebrate resilient teachers

May 04, 2020

Natasha Husein • Product Marketing Manager

1 min read

How do we say ‘thank you’ to teachers when we can’t give them an apple or a hug?

Teachers have found ways to serve students’ needs since the very beginning. The innovative shifts in teaching during COVID-19 related school closures are another chapter in a long history of adaptation and creativity for educators. Teachers’ perpetual resilience reassures us that no matter what school looks like in the future, they are absolutely essential

Whether it takes place in classrooms, living rooms, or a chat room—we know you’ll be there. So how do we say “thank you” to teachers when we can’t give them an apple or a hug?

A history of teachers showing up for their students.

All of us at Clever send a huge virtual hug to the teachers supporting millions of students at home right now. And beyond that, thousands of people in the Clever network of learning applications are cheering for teachers too. Thank you, teachers!!

Share this video with the teachers who have shown up for you!