Easier logins to Khan Academy with Clever

Easier logins to Khan Academy with Clever

May 26, 2020

Jeremy Schifeling • Teacher Success Team, Khan Academy

2 min read

Teaching with Khan Academy just got easier. Save time and discover vast resources by adding Khan Academy via Clever Library.

As a kindergarten teacher, classroom technology drove me nuts for two main reasons. First, I had to spend large chunks of my very limited planning time to hunt down the right resources. And second, when I found something that actually worked, we wasted classroom time when my students couldn’t remember how to log in! 

Download Khan Academy in Clever Library

That’s why I am so excited Khan Academy is now available in the Clever Library. When teachers add Khan Academy through the Library in their Portal, it’s easy to set up student accounts in seconds, while also solving those two, time-sensitive challenges.  

Instructions on how to install Khan Academy in Clever Library

Once installed, the Khan Academy will appear on your Clever Teacher Page. It will also automatically set up single sign-on (SSO) accounts for you and your students. There is no need to manually input student information, or print out password cards!

Teaching with Khan Academy

Now teachers can use that time exploring the free content that Khan Academy has to offer. Khan Academy has over 100,000 free practice questions, ranging from kindergarten math to AP® US History, all in one place. With a range of courses, standards, and classes, teachers have unlimited resources at their fingertips. 

Plus, unlike traditional worksheets, your students get real-time feedback — and you get to skip the grading.

Once teachers add Khan Academy to their students’ Clever Portal, it’s simple and easy to log in — no registration process, no passwords. 

Install Khan Academy in the Clever Library today.