6 Creative ways teachers use Badges for delightful logins

November 19, 2019

Erin Browner • Content Marketing Manager

2 min read

Want to get creative with Clever Badges? See how teachers add more fun for students logging in.

When 2 million students started using Clever Badges to log in to their digital learning software, on came a flurry of creative ideas to use, organize, and jazz up this fun tool in classrooms. From Badge crowns to magnetic organizers, teachers are full of ideas on how to make Badges delightful in their classrooms. We hope these examples inspire a Badge-decorating party or tech support buddy system in your classroom.

Pro tip: Always cover the square code when publicly sharing photos of Badges to keep students’ logins secure.

1. Log in like royalty

Glue Badges onto a colorful, paper headband like @LukeTheTeacher.

2. Emoji-fy it

Use avatars or emojis to personalize each student’s Clever Badge like Kayla from Bates Elementary School. (Hint: Press play to watch the Badge magic.)

By the way, we’ve noticed many teachers using binder rings to keep their Badges organized. Brilliant idea!

3. Fold in some fun

Tape Badges to each student’s folder as seen at Jessamine County Schools. 

4. Make it stick with magnets

Use a magnet wall to store Badges, like the students at Warwick Valley CSD.

5. Use the buddy system

Pair older students with young grades for tech training and support.

6. Hang them up

Keep Badges safe and central with a hanging organizer. 

Incredible right? Which idea will you take back to your classroom?

Not only are Badges a fun way to log in, but it’s also a time-saving tool. In fact, teachers saved 100,000 instructional hours last school year when they switched from pesky passwords to logging in with Clever Badges. 

Get Badges for your classroom

Want to learn more about using Badges in your K-3 classroom? If your school isn’t using Badges yet, learn more on Clever’s website. For more tips on using Badges in your classroom, check out our Help Center articles.

Share your creative ideas on using Clever Badges with us on Twitter (and remember to always share Badges responsibly).