A new idea for edtech analytics

May 22, 2019

Brett van Zuiden • Product Manager Lead

2 min read

The Clever team announces a radically simple way for districts to see all edtech usage in one place. 

At Clever, we believe technology can be the fastest way to improve educational outcomes because it helps teachers meet each student where they are. But the potential impact of edtech to help students learn more is often unrealized and until now, it hasn’t been easy enough for every district to get a signal on how to fix the problem.

In 2018, we launched Clever Goals, a paid product designed to help districts get better results from their edtech investments. As a company committed to making a positive impact in education, we believe it’s important to push ahead with new ideas, learn from customers and iterate on how to best meet their needs. Now we are sunsetting Goals because we have a new approach to edtech analytics and we’re unifying our product offering behind it.

This summer, Clever will launch free, comprehensive edtech usage reporting for all districts.

We’ve heard from districts that they want to understand usage of all resources in their district, even those not officially provided by the district.

We’ve heard from districts that they want to go beyond just clicks and understand how much and how often resources are being used, down to the individual classroom or student.

And we’ve heard from districts that when it comes to their data, access to this type of reporting needs to be free and easily accessible.

All of these new capabilities and more will be available this summer inside Clever Portal– the most widely used single-sign on portal in K-12 education  — at no charge to districts. As a result, we will no longer offer Clever Goals for sale after July 31, and will work with current customers to transition them to the new analytics experience.

Across every industry, we see so much innovation and progress comes from making data easily and freely available. We’re excited to see how districts can achieve an even greater impact from their edtech investments by having this rich data at their fingertips.

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