GoEnnounce Portfolios & Social Media Training

March 04, 2019

Natasha Husein • Product Marketing Manager

1 min read

You might think what does a portfolio and social media have to do with one another? Portfolios are used to showcase & evaluate student work, and social media is causing distractions and leading to inappropriate behavior.  Well social media is also the future of how today’s students are being evaluated for college admissions and jobs.  92% of employers admit to using social media for recruiting, 3 out of 4 hiring managers check social profiles even when not provided by a candidate and say that 1 in 3 candidates are rejected because of something found on a social profile. Kevin Honeycutt, an International Keynote Speaker and Technology Integration Specialist describes how, “Now every kid must learn to be a brand unto themselves. GoEnnounce builds the life skills for students to market themselves, while competing with the rest of the world.”

GoEnnounce is a K-12 portfolio that mirrors how students use social media and functions as a student’s own URL. This URL stays with the child year to year, school to school, starting as early as the elementary level. The portfolio solution fulfills districts’ accountability needs to track graduation requirements and has a rubric evaluation tool built in.

The tool requires student reflection any time a child posts an update to their portfolio. And because students control what goes on their portfolio, it promotes student ownership and empowers students to build their personal brand as they track & share school work or their own unique participation in activities such as community service, clubs & athletics.