Find and fix learning gaps with MobyMax

By Natasha Husein on

Adaptive learning. Formative insights. Motivated students. These are not just the hallmarks of the evolved classroom—they are the pillars of the MobyMax experience.

MobyMax is a supplemental instructional resource for all core K-8 content areas, including ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Built on the Common Core State Standards, with state-specific alignment coming in August of this year, the system offers a differentiated path to mastery for each student.

Teachers have access to a variety of assessment tools, collaboration resources, and progress monitoring data to inform instruction and intervention.

Here’s what just a couple of teachers have said about MobyMax recently: “MobyMax has been the most engaging online platform I’ve found that covers multiple subject areas. My students constantly ask to get on MobyMax. Being able to locate gaps in their learning has better enabled me to meet each student on their level.”

“MobyMax has transformed my math students. Their confidence has skyrocketed due to their increased mathematical abilities!” Check out what other teachers have to say here.