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By Natasha Husein on

tYping. Wait, Typing. It’s one of the most important, fundamental skills to succeed in the 21st century. But it’s not a skill people pick up naturally; learning to type takes time and practice! That’s why Clever is excited to announce a new app partnership with makes learning to type easy and fun. Its gamified exercises spark student engagement and motivation, keeping learners fully invested as they progress up the levels. It features a variety of lesson styles, so learning never gets monotonous, and even lets students personalize their own interface!

Each lesson on is thoughtfully developed by teachers, for teachers, always with the needs of students in mind. They cleverly integrate cross-curricular content directly into typing lessons, so students develop typing skills naturally while learning other relevant course material! The platform even adapts lessons to individual students’ strengths and weaknesses, stopping bad habit before they’re locked into muscle memory.’s real-time activity monitor lets teachers see what each student is currently working on, while its reports make it easy to track progress over time.  Best of all, now that is available through Clever, you’ll save even more class time with automatic account creation and single sign-on for students.

Importantly, dictation and audio features empower learners with visual impairments to master the skill of typing as easily as their classmates. This screenshot displays’s WCAG 2.0 compatible theme, which creates full accessibility.

Today is used by nearly half a million teachers and over 25 million students. You can find it in the Clever Library by signing in through the Clever Portal.