Help students understand, retain, and enjoy what they read.

By Natasha Husein on

Actively Learn helps students read for depth by providing content, features, and data designed for deeper learning. Teachers can access a library of thousands of texts and videos for middle and high school ELA, social studies, and science. This includes novels, short stories, high-interest articles, textbook sections, DBQs, primary sources, and more! Our texts and videos come with pre-created instruction aligned to Depth of Knowledge and Common Core standards.

The Actively Learn Catalog includes thousands of texts and videos for ELA, social studies, and science.

Teachers can also import their own Google docs, web articles, PDFs, or YouTube videos and turn them into interactive assignments. They can customize their questions, annotations, and instructions to create a reading experience tailored to their students.

Actively Learn helps to support students while they read with embedded questions that chunk the text, annotations to fill gaps in background knowledge, and even media to bring texts to life. Students can share annotations, have in-line discussion, look up words with our embedded dictionary, hear text read aloud, and translate into over three dozen languages. We also have dyslexic mode for students with reading impairments.

Students have access to a variety of reading aids, including scaffolding notes, embedded media, and questions to chunk the text.

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