Fun, engaging, collaborative challenges with Classtime

January 07, 2019

Natasha Husein • Product Marketing Manager

1 min read

Classtime— new in Clever Library— is a digital teacher’s assistant with lessons and materials designed to motivate and engage students. As a web-based platform Classtime works on any device, and its real-time feedback lets teachers monitor participation and progress of each individual student.

Classtime has a large collection of fun collaborative challenges. Each challenge begins when the teacher projects a story narrative in the classroom. Examples of these challenge narratives include: building a jungle rollercoaster, resupplying a space station and solving a city’s pollution problem.  

In this collaborative challenge, students work together to build the Tower Bridge in London

The story on the classroom projector moves along as students correctly answer questions on their own devices. Teachers can customize challenges so that students work individually, together in teams or collaborate as an entire class. This is perfect for teachers that use differentiated learning strategies.

Classtime also lets teachers design questions for their own lessons and curricula. The platform supports a wide range of question types, from multiple choice, checkboxes and true or false to category sorting and free text answers. Alternatively, teachers can use lessons and questions written by other teachers or select from over 30,000 curriculum-aligned questions drawn from reputable sources like Khan Academy.

Teacher dashboard showing real-time results

Classtime’s teacher dashboard shows student results in real time, providing immediate feedback. It also includes a robust, backend analytics engine. This helps guide teachers with a range of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics data.

Available now in Clever Library— you can check out Classtime today!