Brainingcamp: Easiest manipulatives for your digital classroom

January 14, 2019

Natasha Husein • Product Marketing Manager

1 min read

If you’ve ever used digital manipulatives, you know how convenient they can be. And now the world’s best digital manipulatives (Brainingcamp) are even easier to use, with instant access from Clever.

Manipulatives make abstract math visual and concrete. Digital versions let teachers demonstrate on a projector or interactive whiteboard for everyone to see. They give students unlimited parts to easily experiment and learn by doing.

Brainingcamp manipulative are unlike any virtual manipulatives you’ve seen before. They are engineered to be incredibly easy to use, so students get started right away and spend all their mental energy learning math. They are constantly updated with the latest technology to work on any device, without installation or hassles. Underneath their clean user interface lies a deep selection of tools, like: tens frames, number lines, animated zero pairs, factor tracks, fraction rings, and much more.

Brainingcamp partners with the leading physical manipulative company to ensure you have the most popular manipulatives, and that digital objects look the same as corresponding physical objects you may use.

Get started now and bring abstract math to life for your digital native students by engaging them with visual and interactive Brainingcamp. Enjoy a free manipulative each week, or consider a low cost license to access all manipulatives. Be sure to check out these online Tutorials to help you get started:

Install Brainingcamp in Clever today.