Address intervention needs with digital resources

By Natasha Husein on

As a teacher, you’ve seen the difference a successful intervention plan can make. You know that interventions can be an important part of primary education. But you also know that designing custom lessons often requires two of your most valuable resources: time and money. The Clever Library helps you save both with free apps that make it quick and easy to select, assign and assess lessons for classroom intervention.

Easy-to-try intervention apps in the Clever Library

One problem with many free teaching applications is they take too much time just to test out. They often ask that you register accounts for each student, then require students to use some combination of classroom and school IDs, usernames and passwords just to log in. That’s a lot of time and effort just to see if an app will work out.

With Clever SSO, you get to securely skip over all those extra steps, making it easy to find the best apps for your intervention plans and IEPs.

Meeting the needs of all students

Many apps let teachers customize assignments to the individual needs of students. This is a perfect time-saving tool for intervention plans and IEPs. Newsela is one popular app in the Clever Library that many teachers are successfully using for exactly this reason!

Install Newsela today.

Also, for more activities, lesson plans, and ideas on using Newsela in the classroom, check out Kristen and Tyler’s blog. They’re teachers just like you!