Over 500+ apps to discover, try and adopt

By Natasha Husein on

As a teacher, you might be looking for fresh new ways to engage your students. Whether you need to provide interventions to struggling students, look for exciting enrichment activities, or delve into 21st Century skills, coming up with new ways to teach can be difficult. So, where to begin? Now you can start with the Clever Library.


Inside the Library, which you can access through your Clever Portal, you can easily browse over 500 apps that are free to try (many are free to use forever). Browse by subject, see what’s new and noteworthy, or what’s most popular in your district. 


Trying new apps has never been easier. When you see something you like, simply click “Install” or “Add Link” to add it to the “My Page” section of your portal. The apps that have the “Install” come with a bonus feature – it will automatically create accounts for all of your students. No more wasting time manually entering names, email addresses, etc.


Make the “My Page” section of your portal visible to students so that they see your Library apps when they login. This makes it super easy for students to click an icon and get right into the program you want to use!


Keep coming back to the Library to find and try even more cool new resources for different student needs. For example, in December, come back to the Library to install a coding apps to use for Hour of Code!

Log in today to visit the Clever Library!