January product release notes

January 22, 2018

Cat Kamireddy • Senior Manager, Product Marketing

2 min read

In addition to releasing Goals this month, Secure Sync and the Clever Portal also got some updates for the new year. Read about the newest features below.


Edge and Firefox for Saved Passwords

We expanded our support for universal SSO to both Edge and Firefox! Saved Passwords through the Clever Portal is now available across three different browsers, making it easier for students to log in to all their applications with one username and password. Add it for Edge or Firefox.


Teacher classes page in the Clever Portal

We’re expanding our classroom tools in the Clever Portal by giving teachers a one-stop shop for all teacher functionality. Teachers can access a brand-new suite of digital classroom management tools, including a way to check if students are logged in, launch an app for the whole class, or log students out with a single click. Learn more.


Easier way to design districts’ login page

District admins can now fully customize their schools’ login experience. This new feature supports adding and editing multiple identity providers, customizing the order of login methods, and adding hints in live-view so admins can see exactly what their users will. Log in to customize your page.   


Share students by course number

When sharing by sections, district admins can now use the section’s course number to share all associated students with the application. You can use this feature when setting sharing permissions. 


Updated dashboard navigation

Finally, we’ve slightly modified the district dashboard navigation so it’s easier for users to find the items they’re trying to navigate to, including Clever Badges settings and Analytics.