November product release notes

November 16, 2017

Cat Kamireddy • Senior Manager, Product Marketing

2 min read

There are three big announcements from Clever this month—improvements on existing features and an annual tradition:


District analytics

Easy deployments are only part of the edtech equation. Clever’s new analytics interface gives districts a bird’s eye view into technology used at their schools—full of useful insights easy to share with everyone at school districts.

Reports include daily unique users, logins by app, and logins by school—as well as charts to show the breakdown of logins by authentication method, device, and browser. District users can also filter reports by grade, time period, user type, and more.

Districts can see their all-new analytics in their dashboard.


Application API 2.0

Clever’s new version of our API gives applications a more reliable way to work with student contact data and prioritizes course/term data.

With the API v2.0, student contacts can be associated with multiple students, have additional fields standardized based on district data (relationship type, contact type, and phone type), and are more stable when contact data changes. Course and term data also become first class objects with their own globally unique identifiers that can be linked across data types.

For more information on what’s new and how applications can upgrade their integration to v2.0, read more here.


Hour of Code

Clever is proud to support Hour of Code again this year, taking place Dec. 4-10. Hour of Code is an initiative to get students excited about coding using themed tutorials, and Clever district admins can add an “Hour of Code” category to to their portal that will link students directly to the tutorials.

Clever district admins can visit to add Hour of Code to their portal.