September 2017 product release notes

September 18, 2017

Aneri Shah

2 min read

We hope you’ve had an easy transition into the 2017-18 school year. We’ve been working hard to make the Clever experience even smoother and more seamless for you. See what’s new:


  • OneRoster 1.1 certification
  • New version of the Clever iOS app with iOS 11 compatibility


  • Google Account Manager email match tool
  • Adding and deleting team members
  • App type categorization
  • Easier custom mappings


  • C# client library released
  • Self-service onboarding and Instant Login testing updates


OneRoster 1.1

Clever is now OneRoster 1.1 certified. Districts can send Clever files in any OneRoster format for easy rostering, and applications can automatically support the latest OneRoster open standard.

New version of the Clever iOS app

We released a new version of the Clever iOS application that is compatible with iOS 11. If districts intend to use the the Clever iOS app with iOS 11, they must update to the latest version of the application. Update the app.

Applications who intend to build native iOS 11 integrations for our application can use the SDK found here.


Google Accounts Manager email matching

The Google Accounts Manager (GAM) email match tool is available to all districts using GAM. You can access it here, or by visiting the ‘Tools’ tab on the GAM application page. Learn more.

Adding and deleting team members

All Clever admins are now able to add and delete team members from the Clever account. We’re excited to be incorporating feature requests from the Clever Community into our product. Submit more requests here.

App type categorization

An “App Type” column has been added to the district dashboard application table to make it easier for district admins to understand which of the following capabilities an application has in Clever: rostering, SSO, or SSO (Saved Passwords). You can also filter using these categorizations in our app gallery.

Easier custom mappings

Districts can now create, update, and view common field mappings (SIS field to Clever field) in the district dashboard! They can also now toggle all filtered students in the custom sections wizard to make it easier to navigate.


C# client library released

We released our client library in C#, the second most popular language used by our partners. See more.

Self-service onboarding and Instant Login testing updates

Self-service onboarding

The Self-Serve Onboarding walkthroughs are now full-screen! The “Build and test your integration” step now pulls in the IL Testing UI and requires users to submit at least one test before they can submit their integration.

Instant Login 

Instant Login tests will now get ended early if too many login errors are encountered. This will allow developers to iterate more quickly when using Instant Login testing. 

Tests will also get ended early if an app’s redirect URI’s response times are too slow. This will prevent long-running tests from holding up other app’s pending tests.