How Clever helps application partners thrive during Back to School

By Christina Deogracias on

Clever’s busiest time of the year is the Back to School season (August 1 – September 30). This is when the 60,000+ schools that have adopted Clever need everything to “just work” on their first day of school, which requires careful planning and tenacious effort by hundreds of Cleverites.

But this is also when our application partners—especially the newest ones who may have joined us this year—need their system to “just work” with Clever so everything is seamless for students in the classroom. During the Back to School season, Clever’s team bands together to ensure critical edtech software works for school districts, students, teachers, and application partners.

And after five years of helping districts and software companies shoulder this busy season, we know every minute counts, and we build our product to help everyone to use their limited time as efficiently as possible.

Many application partners bring on new school districts during these months, and Clever helps applications onboard new districts 7-8x faster than other methods. We’ve heard from implementation managers at our application partners that they’re able to spend 15 seconds instead of 15 hours obtaining clean, organized district data, cutting out the arduous task of grouping teachers and students, school by school.

Here are some other highlights we’ve seen and heard this Back to School:

  • 321 million roster changes were captured and automatically transmitted to application partners
  • 81 separate student information system integrations successfully normalized and standardized daily
  • 99.9% uptime across all APIs
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate
  • 90% of support tickets addressed within four hours

But the best part of our job is definitely hearing from customers:

  • “Thanks for making my issues important and getting them resolved!
  • “I believe I have opened at least three support cases in the past few weeks, and all of them have been solved with the most helpful staff members I could think of! Thank you for being awesome, Clever!”
  • “My stress level is so much better than a week ago because you helped us solve this problem!”

The next Back to School is coming sooner than you think. Interested in benefiting from Clever? Let us know.


Christina Deogracias
Christina leads partner marketing efforts at Clever. She has a degree in Education and Child Psychology, and has held a variety of roles at Clever, from school support to district partnerships and customer education giving her a firsthand understanding of Clever’s customers and what they need to be successful.