How to pilot Clever Badges

By Brandon Cepress on

We’ve simplified the Clever Badge distribution process to give you more control over piloting this new tool for your youngest learners! Clever Badges make it even easier for your students to access their learning applications through Clever so that your teachers can spend more time instructing and less time troubleshooting username and password errors. Rather than a kindergarten teacher spending 20 minutes helping students log in at the beginning of each period, an entire class can log into their applications within a matter of seconds.

Clever Badges are offered at no charge to districts and only require that your student’s laptop or desktop device have a webcam enabled. Students will go to your district’s Clever Portal and then hold their badge up to the camera of their device to log in.

If your students are using Chromebooks, Clever Badges will also log your K-2 students directly into their Chromebooks, Google, and their Clever applications in one fell swoop. Clever Badges into Chromebooks can help ensure your Chromebook rollout goes smoothly and only require you to sync GAFE accounts with Clever and a bit of work in your Google Admin Console.

Tips for a Successful Pilot

  1. Start small. Pick one or two elementary school sites at which you can initiate your pilot. Our new distribution process allows you to select which schools should participate. Include a media specialist, school site leader, or teacher that embraces the adoption of new technology to help you champion this new tool!
  2. Educate your teachers. Using this helpful article, you can show teachers how to generate badges so that they can help maintain Badges for new students.
  3. Make them fun and easy. Whether you place your badges on student folders or create lanyards for students to wear around their necks, ensure your Badges will be be easy to use and won’t be easily lost or damaged.

Start now! Get a head start so that you can roll out more broadly for next back to school.

Don’t just take our word for it, a number of districts have already started to share their best practices around Badge pilots—join the conversation here!

Brandon Cepress
Brandon partners with East Coast districts to ensure their success on Clever. He is eager to learn more about how technology can increase equity across the Education space.