Clever Instant Login support toolkit

By Lauren McCrea on

Calling all learning applications! Clever Instant Login is the easiest way for students, teachers, and admins to log in to applications, with a central single sign on (SSO) to access to all their online learning applications in the same place. The result is less time spent troubleshooting log-ins, and more time instructing and learning.

Rolling out Instant Login to your districts and schools is easy as pie and requires just a bit of upfront information. To help streamline the process, we’ve put together a couple of resources to get you and your users up and running:

Login as a student or teacher

Now you can easily triage, reproduce, and ultimately fix Clever Instant Login issues by simulating student or teacher accounts in your districts’ Clever data. Read more here.

Teacher-assisted login backup codes

For students who have trouble logging into their Clever instance, teachers can generate a one-time backup code to assist their login. Find out how.

Download Teacher Login Instructions

Make sure your teachers are educated and enabled to deploy your application with Clever in the classroom. Download our teacher login instructions and send them everything they need to log in.

Clever Instant Login Guide for Districts

Our guides help you walk districts through using the Clever portal URL to get them up and running.

Get to know Instant Login Metrics

How many users are logging in and engaging with your product? Find out this and get more insights with Instant Login Metrics in your app dashboard. Read more here.

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And share our video with districts, applications, teachers, and even parents to tell them about the easiest way for students to log into their applications.