What we’re reading: May 2016

By James DeKoven on

As you plan your summer vacation and reading list, don’t forget to check out these edtech gems.

Education Next: Testing Alone Won’t Make Good Readers
Contrary to popular opinion, more reading instruction time doesn’t necessarily make for improved reading.

The 74: 3 of the 5 Biggest School Districts Hire More Security Officers Than Counselors
Visit some of the largest public school districts in America and you’ll find more security officers than counselors.

Samsung: How Special Education Technology is Helping One Student to Thrive
Read about Lily and how mobility technologies have helped her lead a richer, more independent life.

District Administration: Rethinking Responses to Bullying
A new survey questions our common beliefs about how to best combat the bullying crisis.

The Hechinger Report: When Students Lead Parent-Teacher Conferences
Some schools believe students can improve their grades by involving them in something that’s been historically off limits.