Google Apps + Clever Instant Login

By Cat Kamireddy on


One of the best parts of working at Clever is talking to our schools and applications. It’s always awesome to see all the different ways technology is used in classrooms across the country.

But as we talked with more districts, we discovered a finicky problem—schools that use Google Apps but don’t have Google as their identity provider didn’t have a good one-size-fits-all solution to access all of their software. And, well, there are a lot of districts that use Google Apps.

Sure, if you’re a district using Active Directory, you can still use Google Apps, but that means your students would also need to know Google credentials to access their assignment in Docs. Or a teacher’s test schedule in Google Calendar.

And one thing we know for sure is that more passwords = more headaches, more time spent logging in, and overall less time learning.

That’s why we’re super excited for a feature we rolled out today.

With Clever Instant Login, districts can now set up single sign-on access to their Google applications using any identity provider.

That means teachers and students can now use their login credentials from Active Directory, Canvas, etc. to sign into any of the following:

Even better, it also means districts can scope these apps as they would any other software through Clever. Only high school students need Gmail? No problem. No need for first graders to have access to Google Calendar? Set it up quickly in Clever.

So get ready for even more productivity in your classrooms—and let us know what you think!

Cat Kamireddy
Cat works on product marketing at Clever. She comes from a big family of educators, which drives her passion for Clever’s mission each and every day.