Updates to the Developer Experience

July 23, 2014

Cat Kamireddy • Senior Manager, Product Marketing

1 min read

Clever aims to deliver an amazing developer experience for our partners building off the Clever API. In the last few months we have rolled out our single sign-on solution, Instant Login; we have also focused on making it an incredibly simple experience for developers. There are few recent or upcoming changes that we want to share:

Simpler developer environment

We set up our developers with two applications: a development app and a production app. Previously, each of those apps had two sets of credentials. While this system was flexible, it was unnecessarily complex and confusing. Now, each application has a single set of credentials. This change is rolling out in the next week. Developers, keep an eye on your admin dashboard for updates to the application settings screen.

Token Management

Along with our switch from API key to token-based authentication, we are updating our tools around token management. Tokens can already be obtained at the time of district signup via an OAuth endpoint. And we are working on an authorizations API endpoint to make all of an app’s tokens available programmatically. This endpoint is currently available in beta.

Dev Docs Changelog

To keep up with these changes and others, we have added an Updates section to our dev docs. We’re using this to document changes to the API as well as to the dev docs themselves.

We welcome feedback and questions at tech-support@clever.com.