New October applications

By Lauren McCrea on

Check out the growing Clever community in these October additions. Want to add an app you don’t see in our community? Let us know here! Aspire MD Anderson is a smoking prevention interactive experience to help schools become tobacco-free. Supports single-sign on with Clever Instant Login CodeCombat is a a multiplayer live coding strategy game for beginning learners of programming. […]

Five tips for app developers to comply with new student data privacy laws

By Liz Allen on

As session wraps up in many state legislatures, new student data privacy bills have become law. For those of us in the education technology space, protecting student data is a mandate we take seriously. Here are five tips to help application developers get privacy right early-on. Implementing this list won’t ensure a software application is in compliance with the various state laws, but it’s a great place to start.

Exciting updates for Clever Badges

By Cat Kamireddy on

Since we launched Clever Badges in April, we’ve been so excited and humbled by the reaction from the edtech industry. We built Clever Badges to give teachers a better way manage logins for their youngest students, and I’m excited to report that Clever Badges are now used in more than 4,500 schools across the country and counting. And just this week we had two more exciting milestones.

Clever selected for ConnectED’s Open eBooks initiative

By Frankie Warren on

At Clever, we consider the achievement gap to be one of the most pressing issues in education. We believe wholeheartedly that Clever can bring positive change in this area by making learning technology more accessible for every student. But what about something even more fundamental than digital learning? What about books?

September product notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

We’re in the full swing of Back to School! This month, we’ve added some new product features to help districts and applications this fall, including a district login contest, portal customization for schools, and a way to view what apps are shared with each student.