Clever Badges move student privacy and security in the right direction

By Brett van Zuiden on

As an education technology company, our priority is to build products that allow teachers and students to be their best. We’re humbled to do work that can impact the lives of millions of people. But with that gift comes great responsibility, which is why we’re committed to the protection of student data and privacy.

This issue became especially important when we started working on Clever Badges, our new product that makes it easier for K-2 students to login and access all of their learning applications.

Why we built Clever Badges

By Tyler Bosmeny on

Have you ever witnessed a room full of 1st-graders trying to type in their passwords? Imagine 60 tiny hands lowering even tinier fingers, mashing keys…one…at…a…time. It might be cute to most of us, but for millions of teachers this process is a daily frustration that eats up precious learning time.

We’ve spent the last year talking with K-2 teachers to better understand this problem. Today, I’m proud to announce our answer: Clever Badges.

March Product Notes

By Cat Kamireddy on

In March, we worked on an updated application gallery and added more metrics, such as new Sync Reports. We also built more data quality improvements for districts and applications. Take a look!